Experienced Jumpers

Skydive Houston is open to all skydive disciplines and their tribes! Our massive landing area offers 55 acres of open field and more outs than you can count. That makes us great choice if you are flying a wing suit, canopy formation or just don’t want to worry about off field landings cause your buddy spots like he’s blind. We provide separated landing areas for students/A and B Licenses, C and D licenses and a high performance area.


Come for the wide open spaces, stay for the good vibes and campfire stories.

We are constantly improving our facilities to better serve you!

As an USPA (United States Parachute Association) drop zone member, we will require you to:

  • Be a current member
  • Follow its BSRs
  • Observe its recommendations

By being allowed to skydive at SH you must:

  • Have your reserve repacked within 180 days (must show data card)
  • Have you rig equipped with a functional A.A.D.
  • Adhere to the designated landing areas
  • Comply with all posted Beer rules and report any sky god like behavior
Skydive Houston serves: Skydive in Houston, Skydivers in Houston, Skydiving in Houston and nearby areas.